When I first met Dr. Yu, I was skeptical. To think that a few thin needles would make a difference was just not in my mindset. At least not common in my culture. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15 yrs old, migraines at early 20's and GERD at 39 yrs old (I'm currently 43). I was desperate to say the least to find some sort of relief from my nightmare of health, I was willing to try anything. One day, I met Dr. Yu at a meeting, we talked for a few short minutes and I didn't think much of the practice. A few months passed by, my GERD symptoms got worse, to the point that I couldn't eat salads nor drink water. So I thought "hey, why not?!" and I made an appointment with him. Let me tell you, those months that passed by after I met him were a bad mistake. I should have seen him that same day!! At my first appointment he took care of a bad migraine. By the end of the first month, I had become migraine free and I was able to eat salads!!! By my 3rd month, I was eating spicy and fried food again!!! And still no migraines nor headaches!! At this point I was so overjoyed!! Then....to my fellow sisters.....I became pregnant, without having to see an infertility specialist like I had seen in the past!!! I can not even begin to understand what happened but it did. And I have living proof of it too!! LOL!! Honestly, I can't stop telling others about Dr. Yu, he has a gift and he genuinely wants to help people. I am beyond grateful that I met him that one morning. It has completely changed my quality of life. 

Martha L.

Orange, CA

 I had back surgery in December of 2017 (L4-L5 fusion and L2-L5 Laminectomy) to correct stenosis in my lower back that was aggravated by an injury.   Several months of physical therapy and cortisone shots later... nagging new lower back pain to the right of the location of the surgery would not go away. The surgeon said the only solution is another surgery or more cortisone shots. I refused.  I received a mailer from Dr. Yu's clinic in the mail and feeling desperate I decided to pay him a visit. I'm fortunate that I did. I've been working with Dr. Yu for the past 7 or 8 months and he did what the surgery, shots and therapy couldn't.  Thanks to him I was totally pain-free for  a few months until I re-injured my back doing plumbing work around the house, and now I'm back seeking his help again, and improving again!  He's a miracle worker and I would recommend him to anyone who would listen and needs help with pain.

Nick S.

Yorba Linda, CA

My acupuncture treatments with Dr. Yu have, in a very short time, significantly improved the problems and pains I have had in my knees, lower back and shoulders.  I have had two surgeries on each knee and I have spondylitis of the spine in my lower back, so daily pain use to be the name of the game for me.  Dr.Yu’s treatments are painless and he uses my body’s own healing energy, and some times herbal medicine…not surgery and not drugs!  All the other forms of treatment I have tried have not come close to the effectiveness of Dr.Yu’s acupuncture treatments.  Despite being 58 years old, I can now take longer walks without the excruciating pain I use to end up with in my knees and lower back.  Dr.Yu’s treatments are simple, he has educated me in this fascinating ancient oriental practice, his needles are virtually painless and I actually look forward to my treatments.

Roger O.
Anaheim Hills, CA

I was very sick with TMJ and related complications when a friend suggested I try acupuncture.  I started seeing Dr.Yu and my health gradually started to turn around.  The pressure behind my ears is diminishing, my facial muscles are improving and my energy is returning.  He helped me get through a lot of dental work with very little pain and stress. I was able to get off all pain medications as well as all the allergy and sinus drugs; I am now off all drugs!

Dr.Yu takes time with his patients and really cares about each one.

Becky M.
Anaheim Hills, CA

About nine month ago, I had surgery on both shoulders to relieve “frozen shoulders” and torn rotator cuffs.  This was followed up with several physical therapy protocols which failed to achieve pain relief.  I decided to regret their “No pain-No gain” approach.

Then I was referred to Dr.Yu by one of his patients.  The start of pain relief was evident after the first treatment and improved with additional treatments.  My shoulders are now practically normal and Dr. Yu’s acupuncture procedure treatments were the solution.  My only regret was not learning about Dr.Yu sooner – I could have avoided two operations.

Al M.
Anaheim Hills, CA

When my orthopedic doctor told me that there was nothing he could do for my degenerating disc or the pinched nerves in my back except more physical therapy and pain pills I was disheartened.  Shots to my back had previously worked but after the accident aggravated my back the shots did not work.  I walked out of his office with prescriptions for pain pills and a physical therapy order but refused to have them filled.  I called a friend who had gone through acupuncture and it worked for him so why not me.

I contacted Dr. Yu, made an appointment and after the very first treatment I had back relief.  The constant pain was gone.  I could move, sit down and get up off the couch without the constant pain.  I was able to function and move likes a normal person.  I still have occasional stiffness which he is now working on, but to be without the pain for the first time in 40 years is unbelievable.  I thank Dr.Yu and so does my husband.

Susan M.

Yorba Linda, CA

More than eight years ago, I sustained crushed vertebrae in my neck, three ruptured disks in my lower back and damaged tendons in both wrists.  The combined injuries left me in constant pain.  As a result of the chronic pain, I developed Fibromyalgia.  Having had one surgery, a second is not an alternative, for me, at this time.  In an effort to reduce the extreme pain, I have tried everything including prescription drugs, physical therapy and biofeedback.  Each provided minimal, short term relief.

Recently I elected to seek alternative treatment.  Fortunately for me, I located Dr.Yu, Acupuncturist/Oriental medical Specialist.  In just a few treatments Dr.Yu has reduced my overall pain to a tolerable level without unnecessary medication.  This allows to go about my daily activities, with less pain and inconvenience.

Lynn R.
Fullerton, CA 

Three years ago I had my thyroid removed.  After the surgery, the specialists convinced me that ad daily pill was all I needed to feel normal.  I spent the next two years trying to convince the specialists that the symptoms I had were related to the missing thyroid.  Each symptom brought a new diagnosis and another prescription, but I felt terrible.  The final straw was hearing an endocrinologist tell me that “a thyroid is just a thyroid” and not all problems are because I had mine removed.  He went on to tell me that I was old and overweight and should expect to feel bad.  I knew that day that I was finished with western medicine.

The following day I made an important phone call to Dr.Yu, my acupuncturist.  Our first consultation gave me tremendous hope.  Dr.Yu listened to my short story and was very understanding.  We have worked together for ten months.  I say together because it really is a collaborative effort.  He has taught me to listen to my body and trust my instincts.  He has taught me that everything is connected, and we must have balance to feel good.  He has encouraged me to avoid the toxins that have contributed to my ill health.

Some of the many benefits of acupuncture to me have included an increase in strength and energy.  The overwhelming fatigue that once consumed me has lifted.  I rarely experience headaches, anxiety, or depression.  The chronic pain I had has become occasional temporary pain.

Dr.Yu is a dedicated, compassionate doctor.  I have such confidence in him; I referred my entire family to him for treatment.  He has worked diligently to help us balance our health and our lives.

Trudy A.
Anaheim Hills, CA

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